Professional Annual Plan

  • Capture
  • Remote Webcam
  • Max Reviews: 25
  • Video Quality: SD
  • Max Video Duration: 5 min
  • Video Uploads: No
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  • Emails (After Sales)
  • Max Sent: 2.000
  • Integration
  • Max Forms: 1
  • Max Landing Pages: 1
  • Promote
  • Total Videos: 100
  • Plan: Professional

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Professional - Annual Plan  × 1 676.80 / year (incl. VAT)
Subtotal 676.80 (incl. VAT)
Total 676.80 (includes 112.80 VAT)
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Subtotal 676.80 / year (incl. VAT)
Recurring total 676.80 / year (includes 112.80 VAT)
First renewal: 2024-12-09
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